focaccia bread recipe

Hey lovely people!

Here I have the BEST focaccia bread recipe, which can also be made in a bread making machine.
Let's not bore you with a long story, and let's get straight to the recipe below!

What you need:
- 550 gr flour (can also use gluten free)
- 340 gr water
- 7 gr dry yeast
- 30 gr olive oil + a little extra to top
- 3 cloves of garlic
- fresh rosemary to top
- 2 tbsp dry rosemary
- 1 tsp honey
- 4 tsp himalaya salt + 1 tsp to top
- pinch of pepper


1. Start with cutting the garlic and put it together with the olive oil and dried rosemary in a pan. Fry until it almost starts to get brown and turn off the fire. Then set aside the oil and let it cool down.

2. Put the water, yeast and flower in the bread maker, or a mixing bowl. Let it mix for a couple of minutes and then add the salt, olive oil and honey.

3. Let the bread maker do its job (or mix it yourself of course) until a nice dough has appeared. Then cover it with a towel, and let it rise for about on hour on a warm spot.

4. After an hour of waiting, its time to get the oven ready!
Preheat the oven on 225 degrees celcius. Then lay the dough on a parchment paper and spread it out evenly. *let it rise 10 minutes more*

5. Pinch with your fingers little holes in the dough, and decorate it with whatever you like!
I did onion and fresh rosemary, but what do you think of capers or sundried/fresh tomato!
Sounds delicious too right!?

6. Put it in the oven for about 20 minutes, and check every now and then.
Not every oven is the same, and it can go pretty fast!

7. After 20 minutes, your house will smell AMAZING. And the bread will look delicious.


- You wanna make get a little extra taste? try frying a bay leave with garlic, rosemary and olive oil.

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