manon's weekly diary #19

Hey you! Another week passed, with some serious good moments I really wanna share with you.
Here you can read about my new outfit, a great tapas evening, city trip to groningen and a lot more.
But ahhhhh,, my new running outfit!

New running clothes

The last time I bought a serious new set for running was last year, around the first lockdown when I started running.
Now that I use those leggings for chilling, traveling, walking, day-to-day life and all other sports, I found that it was time to treat myself this once on some new goodies.
I bought a new legging (which I LOVE), a long sleeved shirt (because it's always cold here), a little hip belt and a wind/rain stopper.

Don't you love the outfit as well??

tea time with lotte

You probably know by know that a spontaneous night together with friends is one of my favorite things ever.
I got so happy when Lotte text me to drink a cup of tea in the evening and catch up. It's just the little things to me, that can make me so very happy.

city trip with anouk

As Anouk is having holiday, we really wanted to do something fun. We were also a little tired of just sitting at home (sorry not sorry) so decided to go just one day to Groningen.
How I missed this! It was always so normal to go just one day to another city and walk around, sit on a terrace and shop a bit. But now it felt like we were doing something illegal.
We were just VERY happy to see some other people again ;p

toet het toetjesparadijs

We're just staying a little longer in Groningen, and OH MY GOD... !
First we had an apple crumble pie followed by pancakes!!
I haven't had a pancake in years, mostly because there is always milk or eggs in it.
When I make them, they're just also not as good as the 'real' pancakes, but you guys..
This one was THE BOMB! I realllyyy recommend going to this place if you ever visit Groningen, and want to eat vegan treats.

exploring around home

Saturday it was time again for a longer bike ride, and I love going through places I normally never go.
Without a planned route, and just seeing where you're gonna get.
With that I just left the house, and did a bike ride of +- 60 KM.

tapas night

This is something we already wanted to do for such a long time, and now finally did.
Everyone had to make/take something with them for dinner to create a tapas.
Yeeezz, we had LOADS! Sweet potatoes, veggie meat balls, wraps, bread with delicious toppings, fruits, nachos and as dessert chocolate pudding.
-I know; mouth watering.

tulip run

Sunday morning I went early for a run, together with the 'Wednesday group'.
There were SO many tulips with so many different colors I didn't know where to look.
This was really one of the most beautiful nature runs I've ever did.

Next week I'm starting my new job, which I'm super excited about.
I can't wait to tell you more about it next week!

Fill this week with good memories as well!
See ya!

xx, Manon