manon's weekly diary #18

Hello lovely people! I'm so happy you're back, reading the highlights of my week with me!
This week I had a PERSONAL RECORD, a kingsday walk, a tulip field ride, and could go to the terrace again!

Let's get into it, shall we?

Personal record

FINALLY!! And btw, something I never expected from this run was to get a personal best.
Let's get one thing straight; last year, when I started running, I was struggling to get the 5K in 30 min.
Now in this last winter (2020), I had a hard time with getting 5K AT 26/27 minutes - aka, I was DYING.

So on Monday I went into my run as "easy", and that escalated quickly. After 2 km I was FLYING, feeling super good and it was then I thought I could beat my time of 26.35.
And I succeeded! My new best on the 5K is now 23.48!! WHATTTT!?

I still feel like it's crazy, and don't know if I could do it again at this very moment.
But it means that the track training is really throwing of it's fruits.

Kingsday walk

Friends + nature + food + drinks = HAPPINESS
I mean, is there any better combo?
We started at a beautiful bed and breakfast where we got cake and coffee (it was 9.45 in the morning).
The plan was to walk a route of 9 km, which we've got on paper. But if you know me/us a little, you probably know that following instructions isn't our expertise and google maps is usually our best friends.

Don't let your head hang down just yet, because we were good on the first half! Got a delicious stop with snaps, drinks and little bites, but then after we were distracted taking pictures (which also failed) it happened.
We lost the route - of course.

What should have been a beautiful second part of the route, was now a route next to the road, with insecurities if we could ever find our way back to the bed and breakfast.
Okay, this sounds really dramatic, but at the end of the day we were really dissappointed in ourselves, that we AGAIN walked the wrong route.

Luckily we found our way back to the bed and breakfast, did only 1 km more than planned, and the pain got softened by a delicious (vegan) burger!

We had great fun after all, and the weather was BEAUTIFUL!

tulip field ride

Enjoying the weather with a bike ride - HELL YES!
To enjoy the last bits of the sun, I hopped on the bike and found some beautiful tulip fields!
Ahhh, just then it feels like spring!

terrace time

After a long time that the restaurants and bars should close down, they could finally open up again last Wednesday and I loved every second of it!
Finally again a good coffee, a delicious poké bowl, AND seeing different people together again!
Hope it might stay this way.

Lisa's housewarming

As Lisa is having her own apartment now for a while, it was time for a house warming.
Nothing to crazy, but seriously fun. We made some food, had a few drinks and did a game.
Warning: I normally hate games, and rather just sit there and watch.
But this one, I actually find quite fun! For one round then, the second took to long ;p

morning ride with sandra

On Saturday I really wanted to make some KM on the bike and so we did. For me it was a kinda easy ride, and I think that Sandra was dying from the inside a bit.
Don't get me wrong, I have a race bike which goes super easy until 25 km an hour, and she has a mountainbike which is 3 times more have than mine. *oeps*
Luckily she's strong, and we've got 40 km that morning!
Sandra, if you're reading this.. Hope you still wanna go with me another time ;p

Movie night with the gurlzz

Shocking: Kim had never seen High School Musical..! I know, where has she been!?
As I haven't had a movie night in AGES, I was happy to watch (and sing) the movie together with her and Sandra.
It is so simple, yet I found it one of the best things in my week.

Long distance run

The last workout of the week was at the same time the BOMB!
We did a run of 19 km, with a lot of different sceneries; woods, city, the heath and more woods.
I LOVED it, and I'm so happy of being able to run this far!!

It was a full but really fun week! Let's see what this first week of May is bringing us!
I wish you all a very happy week (:

xx, Manon

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