April 19th till April 25th

I just get so excited that you're viewing my week with me!
This week is going from new plants on the balcony, a longer bike ride and everything in between!

Let's look into the new week shall we?

baby horse

YES! There is new life at the stables, and look at how beautiful this cute mare is !!
The owner is not sure of the name yet, but I just call her cutie ;p

flower power on the balcony

I was on the hunt for some outdoor flowers to put on the balcony, and I succeeded !
Took me half a day to decide which flowers I wanted (duhh, such a bad chooser), but after deciding I'm super happy about my decision. I mean... Lavender #smellsgoodlooksgood

60km bike ride!

Decided it was time for a longer bike ride, and so I did. Went through streets I've never really been before, saw a lot of hares, roe deers and birds of prey! Love to spot wild animals when I'm out and about.
Also went to the "VAM berg" which is a little (so they call) mountain, where you can go for cycling/running practice or just for a fun walk, and let me tell you; that sh*t is HEVY! I don't think I'm made for climbing hills on the bike, but hey.. Even more to practice on, am I right?

horse riding

After such a long time ago, I was in the occasion to ride some horses again and OMG! How much fun it actually is.
If you don't know, I've been riding horses since I remember, was riding on a high level, did a lot of competitions, but after having my eating problem, I had to stop.
Now someone I know is in need of some help with riding horses and she asked the right girl #c'estmoi
You will probably see more horse content in the coming months.

no beef bapao

YES, YOU READ IT; NO BEEF! But still soooo delicious!
My mom was coming with it from the super market, and after a long run I couldn't resist.
Watch me coming for more..!

Party time!

Sandra is turning 24 today, and that needed to be celebrated. We definitely did! I had a blast, being with friends, eating snackbar food and drinking beers (yes, we are fancy).
Thanks Sandra for the great party!! At least I didn't end up like last year. (that was on the ground..)

Every time I love it again, to look back on the week, and the fun things I've done.
I hope you had a great week as well! Send me a message, or comment down below, about what you'd be up to last week. I'd love to know!

Make this week great as well!

xx, Manon