manon's weekly diary #16

12 April - 18 April

First of all; WOW! It's been such a loonngg time since weekly diary #15.
There I had my week in Copenhagen.. CRAZY!
But okay, to be honest, I just feel now that I recovered a bit from moving from Denmark..
For the longest time I missed it soooo much, and I still do!

BUT,, that's not why we're here. Right?

So let's get into last weeks high lights!

Tea and Talk

Monday started off right with a nice cup of tea with Lotte en Inge.
It's so simple, yet I forget to do the most simple things like these.
I just get so happy from the company of friends!

Bike ride with sandra

Banana in my backpack - CHECK!
Sportsdrink in my bottle - CHECK!
Heavy training on track tonight - CHECK! .... Oh wait,, what?

Wednesday I went together with Sandra for a nice long bike ride through the beautiful nature.
We did around 45 km, and with a lot of headwind, that distance was hard enough.

I still needed to save some energy for the track training I had that same evening (;

Track training

This was such a fun training, but a hard one!
Our training consisted of 4x 400m, 4x 300m, 4x 200m and 4x100. This all with a break of 200m in between.
After that bike ride, it was pretty tiring.
Next time, I need to plan those days a bit better^ haha!

Risotto and swings

I invited Sandra and Lisa over to eat dinner with me #inneedforsocialisation, and we had such a good time!
I made vegan risotto with mushrooms and bruschetta on the side. Later we had an ice cream and went for a walk.
When Sandra and I saw the kids swing, we ran to it and began to play with the swings like litte kids..
I mean, what lockdown can already do with you.. am I right?

Half marathon on texel

I was soooo excited!!
On Saturday I went with Jaqueline for 2 days to Texel to run a half marathon.
The run went sooo well, and for the first time ever I did this distance over the beach and the dunes.
Let me tell you something else, which was pretty funny..
So, we went running for 23 km and we lost total track of time..
What happened was that we were to late to order some 'normal' healthy food, and ended up with the last opened snackbar in town #typicalme HAHA!

It was delicious though (;

Morning dune run and covid free breakfast

The next morning we went for a 30 min runs, just to get the stiffness out of our legs and afterwards we had a delicious breakfast in the garden of our hotel. There it felt like for a moment there was no corona, and it was AMAZING!

exploring texel with lisa

Lisa came later that day with Marcel to Texel, so we were able to go around the island and have fun together.
It was the best, and at first we went to the beach, followed by a walk through the dunes and a take away smoothie by restaurant Kaap Noord.
After that we went for a swim in the ocean, explored the harbor, bought lunch and were chilling in the sun before heading back home.

Can you thing of anything better than this to spend your Sunday?

Had a week full of laughter, happiness, good times with family and friends and finally some ocean again!
Couldn't think of a better week to start the weekly diary again.
Thanks for reading with me, and see you next week for another update!
Make this week great as well!

xx, Manon