manon’s weekly diary #15

14th September – 20th September

This might be one of the longest weekly diary’s ever. I’ve had such a good week with a lot of AMAZING activities, lovely people and crazy things happening.
From trying all the rollercoasters in Tivoli, coffee dates with Catrine, wall climbing, brunching with Freja and exploring new places to the last day at work and in Copenhagen..

I feel like this week has been a rollercoaster of fun, happiness, confusion and sadness of it being over.
Are you watching and reading with me?

last day at work

Okay, okay,, first things first; this wasn’t on Monday that I had my last day.
It was actually on Sunday.
But anywayyysss,, for my last days at work I bought a nice cake to say ‘goodbye’.
Although I always find it hard to close things, or how I like to say it – chapters of my life -, I’m actually still happy that my time in the store is over.
If you know me a little bit, you might know that I try doing my best for the environment and the planet.
Though Hugo Boss isn’t a fast fashion brand, taking every piece of clothes out of plastic each day didn’t make me feel good mentally after a certain point. That’s why it’s good now to say thank you and bye to this job, and see what life has to bring me otherwise.

lisa arrived for a vacaystay

To enjoy the little bit of time I have left here in Copenhagen, Lisa decided a few weeks ago to book flight tickets to Copenhagen,, so we could have a little kinda holiday together.
How sweet she is <3
The next following things would be all about what we did together so.. LET’S GO!

brunching with freja and lisa

I might not be the only one which key to their heart is food. Well jeah, brunching might be one of my favorite things to do.

trying all the rollercoasters in tivoli

While I lived in Copenhagen right now for 3 years, I never tried the attractions in Tivoli.
This had to change, so we went in and tried it all. At one point we tried so many that I was feeling sick of it, like really nauseous. But it was SO worth it! LOVED trying out the attractions, and we had such a blast!

wake up at 5 am

By now you might already know that I’m a morning person, and waking up at 6:30 is then also a sort of ‘new’ normal for me. On Thursday though..
Because of the move back to the Netherlands, all my stuff got to be picked up.
A friend from my parents was so sweet to drive by with his truck (he had to go to Sweden anyway), but that meant he would be here around 6 in the morning. Which meant I had to get everything down before he was coming.
So,, it was an early day, but I actually really liked being up so early ;p

Lots of walking

Okay you guys, I already live a pretty active lifestyle as I say myself,, but this week the walking part might be over the top..
I mean, we walked about 17-18 km almost everyday (only the Thursday was 9^^).

another wall climb session

After I was so enthusiastic after my first time wall climbing, I got Lisa so far to go with me.
So after making her a little nervous with my stories from the first time, it was going great! We both did rope climbing and bouldering.

trying out another brunch cafe

In my time here in Copenhagen I tried A LOT of cafes, which makes it hard for me to really pick a few favorite ones.
Still I think the one we went on Saturday might be one of my favorites in Copenhagen.

A must try: The Organic BOHO

Copenhagen boat tour

After living in Copenhagen for 3 years, I only been in a tour boat 1 time before. I always feel like you’ve get to experience the city so differently from the water, so Lisa and me decided to go on a tour boat.
It was so nice, with the little bit of afternoon sun that was left was it the perfect way to end the day!

ending my time in copenhagen

This might be one of the hardest, scariest things I’ve done in a while. Really closing of my time in Copenhagen..
After 3 great years of living my life in Copenhagen, living with and meeting amazing and lovely people, it’s time now for me to turn over the page and try something new.
I feel like Copenhagen brought me a lot. As I came here as a little mouse who was scared of meeting new people, even scared to eat a lot of calories, couldn’t speak Danish, didn’t know how to wash my own clothes or how to prepare food to growing into the person I am today; mentally super strong, fluent in Danish, enthusiastic and open to everyone I meet, knowing how sh*t works in the ‘grownup’ world and being independent.
Now,, this is not a post to brag about myself^ but more about saying thank you! Thank you Copenhagen, thank you to all the sweet people I met along the way. I am grateful for every single thing!
I don’t really like to see this as a ‘goodbye’, but more as a ‘see you soon again’.

So nice that you read my weekly diary with me, as I was writing this, there were falling some tears of joy, happiness, sadness and everything in between.

I hope everyone had a great week, let’s make this week great as well!


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