manon's weekly diary #14

17 august till 6 september

I've been a little bit out of routine lately, BUT I will try to update you guys from my last weeks.
As I wrote in my insta post yesterday, I felt pretty overwhelmed, sad and happy at the same time. This is because I am going to move back to the Netherlands.

Now all of you know what is going on; let's get into the highlights of my weekly diary!
Are you reading with me?

monday - saying bye to my friends

Started the week of right with an early morning walk followed by a swim in the ocean and a breakfast on the beach.
This is how I would like to start my day, every single day.
As my friends had to check out in from their hotel, we put all their stuff into my apartment and went to the city to stroll around, have a coffee/ juice and last but not least; they shoot a piercing!!! They are all so beautiful!
Then the time had come to say goodbye to them at the airport, which I always find so difficult. It helped to know that I would see them soon again. But the time we had together these past couple of days were AMAZING.

trying vegan pie

I love everything with passion fruit, so combine this with the most fluffy vegan cream and I'm sold!
There's only one thing to say about this: delicious.


After not meeting with one of my other friends for soooo long, we finally found a date!
I went to meet him at this super cute cafe, on the other side of Copenhagen where he was working,
I love catching up with friends after a long time not seeing them!

pokébowl chef

Never have I ever made a pokébowl, but Freja was coming with this delicious idea so why not just give it a go. This might be one of the most fun things to make, and super tasty!

cows in copenhagen

While running long distances I'm exploring even more of Copenhagen.
This time I was going to a park (Amager fælled park) to check it out and have a run, turns out that it's a super big area with wild cows, foxes and all other animals.
Really, Copenhagen never gets boring.

hitting my running goal!

Can you remember the goal I was setting for myself 2 months ago?
Yes, that's right! The goal was being able to run 15 km, and I made it!
I never really thought I would be able to do this, not really on the physical part, but more mentally. I always felt that running was soooo boring, and after I did 2 km I was already bored.
Now I can say that I really pushed borders and I'm definitely continuing running.
Looking already for my next goal..

Trying wall climbing

Something I've always wanted to try but never really did.
But now I finally did! And oh my... I knew I had chicken power, but almost not being able pulling myself up.. I guess I found a new thing I can work on in the gym ;p
So the part without the rope was dramatic and I could only complete a few courses, but with the rope is was going fantastic!! Definitely going to do this again!

p.s the soreness isn't actually that bad (;

Hope everyone had a great week as well, let's make this one just as good!


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