manon's weekly diary #13

10 august till 17 august

This might be one of my most favorite weeks to write about!! Although this week comes out really late, it's still definitely worth reading!!
From celebrating Mille, to having my last night together with Amalie.
And crying tears of happiness and anxiety when my friends from the Netherlands came to visit me.
You can all read about it in this blog!

beer at mille's

Ahh Mille! The friend you know you have but when you don't text her, you will never hear from her.
No, joking haha,, but seriously, it took us so long to find a date. But now finally, her after being done with her exams and almost starting her new job as a personal shopper (!!) we had to celebrate!
We had to most cozy evening on her balcony with beers of course (;

evenings on the beach with vegan ice cream

As that Amalie is moving away for half a year, we really had to do something nice,, and what better than going to the beach, having an ice cream and drinking some tea.
It was a lovely evening, but I'm gonna miss her so much!

picking up my friends from the airport

OH MY... How nerf-wrecking this was!! Normally when you want to travel to Denmark in these 'corona' situations it's fine, but the rule is that you have to stay for at least 6 nights. Jeah don't ask me why, I find it pretty weird as well.
BUT,, I have to be honest... My friends were not planning on staying 6 nights, which actually meant that they couldn't come in the country.
Now, you should know that my friends are a liiitttlee cheeky, and said that they were staying 6 nights anyway. (they are badass)
As I was standing at the other side, hoping that they could come in the country, and was annoying my mom with my ridiculous amount of text messages about how nervous I was,, my friends decided it would be fun not texting me back after they came in, and make it a surprise once I'd see them.
Well, you can tell it was a surprise! With tears of relieve and a little bit of hate, I was still soooo happy to see them!


After the airport we went home to my place, and as the weather was beautiful, we decided to go for a beach day.
In the evening we were having a party from 2 of my friends, so some relaxing before that is never wrong.


Waking up with a little bit of a hangover *ahum*, we went for a brunch at this super nice cafe which were doing a sort of tapas for brunch. Here you could choose 5 things from the menu you would like to have, and they would bring it to you in these little cute plates and cups.
Really recommending this place!! (wulff & konstali)

When we were so full we could actually roll over the street instead of walking, we decided to walk to the city center (around 3,5km).
For me, this was THE BEST idea! Also because the combination of hangover + being overfull made me feel a little sick..
But after walking for half an hour I felt so much better! NO HANGOVERS FOR ME ;P

In the afternoon wanted to show them one of my favorite places in Copenhagen; Broensgadekøkken.
Here we had an DELICIOUS ice cream, went home from there to have a quick dip in the sea,, and went to the best street food place in the evening! Here we had the best place as well to sit and drink our cocktails/sangria. What else does a girl want..??


Waking up to a breakfast pick-nick on the beach, followed by a full beach day.
You can say that I needed the sunshine! For my experience I'm so white..!

In the evening we were eating at Hard Rock Cafe and ending the evening at Islands Brygge.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog, as much as I do!
Last week was AWESOME and this week isn't over yet, so let's end this week in a great way as well!!


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