manon's weekly diary #12

3 August - 9 august

From trying out another cafe, to berry picking and from running my first ever 13 km ever to having drinks at one of my favorite places in Copenhagen.
Are you looking and reading with me ??

trying a new cafe by myself

Monday was all in the sign of "me-time", so some cafe nearby, which I already wanted to try for so long, was screaming my name,, so I went over there to have some coffee and a delicious green juice!
Meanwhile I could work a little bit on my blog, I felt so rested after that!

berry picking

Something that catched my eye during a walk was that there were so many berry bushes!
So of course I decided that I needed to have some, because this is sooo much better than buying it from the store + it saves money.
And let me tell you,, they were DELICIOUS!!

enjoying the most beautiful sunset

Coming back from work, making yourself a cup of tea and just sitting on the balcony enjoying this view..
Is there anything better than this to end your day?

cocktails & wine & air balloons

This place..! One of my favorite places in Denmark!
Me and Amalie went to this place and had different cocktails and delicious cava, and the best of all..?
They were so close and watching them going up in the air was pretty special.

Back at it! running 13 km!!

Before the heat was coming that day, I decided it was time to get back on track with my running schedule.
I wasn't fast at all, BUT I did it!!
13 km are in the pocket!!!

beach day

Oh summer in Copenhagen..! I enjoy it SO much!!
Being able to swim and going to the beach everyday feels like a luxury.
Freja and me brought some real beach food as well; melon, strawberries and a baguette.
With sun, food and water, there is not much more we need.

Hope everyone had an awesome week as well and is ready to smash this week again!!


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