manon's weekly diary #11

27 July till 2 August

Having a buying addiction this week together with a sugar overload, and finally going to the cinema again!
Are you reading with me??

super exited over mini plants!!

Lately I've been in that bad habit of needing to buy essential stuff and coming home with things I actually don't need and most of the time don't have space for..
Well this was one of those things, but I am SO exited about it!!
If you haven't noticed; I LOVE PLANTS!!!
And when I saw how cheap these were, I couldn't resist. This week they already got 3 new leaves!! Grow baby, GROWWW!


I already wanted to try this cafe for soooo long! It looks so cozy and fun, sitting just above water, drinking your cocktail.
So Tuesday I finally got to try it. Definitely again a recommended place to go (;

Just for your information; hygge = cozyness^^

Date night in the cinema

Wow,, I haven't been to the cinema for SO long! I think it might have been 1,5-2 years..!
I know, crazy right? It might be, because I'm not really a big fan of watching movies,, but when in the cinema; I love it!!
So when Freja asked me to the movies, I was super exited!
What we watched? -Wild rose; definitely recommend watching! Had a little cry at the end though, but don't mind me ;P

Walking home from the city + best vegan milkshake

After stuffing our faces with popcorn, we had to have some dessert (of course hehe) while we decided to walk for a bit.
The weather was perfect, and we decided to buy a milk shake at max burgers,, they have THE BEST vegan milk shakes!!
after this sugar shock (note; I never really eat a lot of sugar), it was hard to sleep, but soooo worth it!

bought a whole new set of earrings

Again; another spontaneous buy, what costs me a lot of money for things I actually don't need.
But let's be serious..; HOW PRETTY IS THIS!
I'm really in love with every single piece and I can't stop looking at it when I pass a mirror^^

Afternoon/evening swim

Finally the good weather is back! So obviously, I couldn't wait to go swimming again!
This just makes me feel so happy and grounded! Can't wait for this week to swim almost everyday, because the weather is promising!

How was your week? Did you do something exiting? I like to talk further on my instagram or in the comments!


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