manon's weekly diary #10

20 July till 26 July

As I'm writing this weekly diary, I feel like this week I drank a little too much alcohol (not used to that)^^
This week was going from finding new hot-spots, to breaking my own personal record with squats and deadlifts, and from feeling so good mentally, to having the best time with my friends.
Are you reading with me?

finding another 'new' hotspot in copenhagen

I can't believe that after almost 3 years of living in Copenhagen, I almost find a new 'hotspot' EVERY month!!
Seriously, I could never get tired of this city.
This time Amalie brought me to this amazing little street food kinda place, where we drank an iced coffee and this delicious vegan (!!!) ice cream!
The name of the place is broensgadekoekken, so,, if you're soon in Copenhagen or planning to go, you should really give this a try!

breaking my pr with squats and deadlifts!

So as you guys know, I'm really getting back into my fitness routine.
And with that, I feel like I'm getting stronger every time. This week I ever broke my personal record with squats and deadlifts! I never squatted more than 50 kilo's, which was now 57,5 kilo's! And deadlifts never more than 57 kilo's, now 60 kilo's. BAMM! Feeling so strong and motivated as I write this ;p

Time for a 'set-back'

This is me, with bags under my eyes, as big as the eiffel tower^^
Okay so, this is not typically the highlight of my week.. but something I feel like I have to adress.
I always try to be the positive, happy person, and don't get me wrong..! - I am really happy with my life and from nature I'm a really positive person,, that's why I feel so weird with myself lately.
For the past couple of weeks I feel anxious, stressed and sometimes I even get panic attacks.. I know.. not good.
I think it is because there is a lot of things going on in my life, and I'm really working a lot.
Now I set myself back, took a notebook and wrote down all the things that were important for me, the goals I have for this month and coming month, the things that are bothering me and the things I am grateful for.
This is how I get a bird view of everything that has to be done, my real priorities and the things that actually don't matter.
It already makes such a difference! (;

Walk/run early at the beach

Since getting back in the gym, I'm not that much on the beach anymore. But when I do, it's still the best place to be!
Thursday I decided to go for an easy morning run/stretch/walk which was did me sooo good!

Party with my old colleagues

This picture pretty sums up this day, and actually this whole weekend. Big smiles, lots of fun and lovely people.
Playing a lot of (drinking) games, catching up and dancing.
I'm so happy and grateful that I got to see all of my lovely "ex-" colleagues again! We've had the most fun time.

getting another ear piercing

Sorry, not the best pictures,, but it's actually hard to take!!
Okay, so this really was a random decision.. But I feel like those might be the best!
When I got at work, I saw that they were doing ear piercing for super cheap at the place I work. So I thought,, why not just do it..? If I don't like it, I'll just take it out and let it heal.
But I feel like it ended up being SO nice and I'm super happy about it. Now the only bad thing is that I want to have another one.. upsss...

Frankies and cocktails with collegues

Although it was not the planning to end up at 'frankies' place, disclamer; frankies is an all you can eat and drink pizza bar, we had the best time there again!
This is as well a place I would really recommend when you're coming to Copenhagen *wink
So me and my colleagues started the night there, ate some delicious (also vegan) pizza's, drank a lot of cocktails, and afterwards went to one of their places to chat and have fun.

As you could see, this week was going all over the place and a little random but I LOVED IT!
What would this coming week bring?
Hope everyone is gonna have an awesome new week!


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