This week was EPIC!!
From cozy nights in Groningen with my best friends to flying an airplane,
and from spotting seals to running 11 km and having a high cocktail.
I'm so exited about this week!! Are you reading with me?


It's been a while that we were all together and had just an easy night where we ordered some dinner, and talked the whole night to catch up about EVERYTHING..! Well, Tuesday night was that night, and my heart got so full!
We ordered some chinese food and had the most cozy night. I love my friends so much !

flying an airplane

YASSSS!! My dad came with a random surprise; flying in a little airplane above Zeeland! How cool is that!?
One of his friends has an airplane, and lucky for us he was so nice to take us on one of his flights!
First we were flying around for about 40 minutes above Zeeland, and when we landed, he asked us if we wanted to join on the flight to Antwerp!! I'm not gonna say no to that of course, and on the way back I could even try to fly the airplane!
I was SO exited and scared at the same time, but luckily we came all in one piece on the ground again.

staying the night in Zierikzee

Due to Corona, our family holiday to Greece is cancelled. Therefore we decided to book a hotel for 1 night in a city in Holland we've never been to. But WOW! What a beautiful place Zierikzee is!
Many cosy bars, restaurants and cafe's, the most beautiful old style houses, beautiful nature and a lot of water.
I think the pictures speak for itself. (;

Seal spotting

In the airplane we could see so many seals laying on the beach, so afterwards we decided to go to the beach and have a look. They say they're dangerous when you come close, but they just look so cute you wanna cuddle them!

running 11 km!

Another week, an extra kilometers! I know, not my fastest run BUT I got just so proud of myself that I can run 11 km right now.
It wasn't even that hard..! I never expected that I would run this kinda distance for half a year ago.
Let's go for the 12!!

new running shoes

The last time I bought running shoes was 6 years ago, so jeah.. I really needed some new ones!
These new ones from the brand 'ON' are so nice. Really like I'm walking on clouds.
Funny, that was also written on the box ;p

going to the horses

How I miss being every day at the horses. But now when I can go, I enjoy it even more.
This is my horse which I already have since I was 12 years old. We did ride on such a high level, and I'm so happy to be able to still have him.

High cocktail

Friends and cocktails, can you think of any better combo??
We could sit outside on the terrace of this cafe and ordered some nacho's and little bites to it.
At the end of the night I was so stuffed, I think I ate a whole plate of nachos for myself. whoops^^

I hope this coming week is gonna be as good as this one!
Did you had a good week as well? And what are your highlights??


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