manon's weekly diary #8

A week full of cozy nights, dining, travelling, reuniting with my family and a party in the city.
Are you reading with me?


After not seeing Mille for a few months, we finally found a day to meet up again which was SO nice!
We went to this super cute Italian restaurant and had some bruchetta and a gluten free vegan pizza!


What's better than to end your working day with a delicious meal and good company, nothing right?
Well, after work we did exactly that! Me and Catrine went to this super cute cafe, which was 2 min from where we work, and I ordered this super nice meal with spinach hummus, pesto and salad. After that I had the most funny drink; beetroot latte. It came in my favorite color: PINK


I was SO exited to fly back home and see my family and friends again, and then when I heard my sisters were going to pick me up from the airport I couldn't be more happy!
I also should update you about how tight I scheduled being at the airport,, so normally there isn't really a big line for security and I can easily walk through, and due to the fact that I'm living no more than 7 minutes from the airport I thought I would have enough time if I would be there 1 hour before boarding. Not the case..
When I came on the airport, there was a line of 20 minutes before security, after that I could straight walk through to get some breakfast and go into the plane.
Next time I should maybe be there 1,5 hour before ;p


What a run! Due to the fact that I was back home, I couldn't wait to run in nature here again. So that was one of the first things I did while hitting my record of 10 km!!
I'm so stoked that these 10km were SO easy! I just kept running.
What will 11km bring?


Saturday was the day we were FINALLY going out again in the city, and how happy I was to see my best friends again!!
We did some drinks in the city, had time to catch up and have a great time. Oh, how I love them!

walk and talk

On Sunday I went together with Lisa (my sister) for a walk, this ended up being an 12 km walk.
We enjoyed the sun and found some new routes to walk.

I wish everyone a wonderful new week!


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