weekly diary #7

Although there didn't really happen so many things this week, while I had to work 54 hours,, I still have some nice highlights to share with you.
From doing an interval training, to getting back on my longboard again to finding my love for coconut milk, it's all in here.
Are you reading with me?

interval training

Although this was not my first ever interval training, it still was a very long time before I've done one.
So last week I decided to not go for a long run (which was planned), but take a little bit less distance, and try to do some interval instead.
I felt so dead but so good after this training. I should definitely do this more often.

ice coffee on the terrace

Walking around the city and exploring new cafes might be one of my favorite things to do lately.
Such as last Monday; we got this delicious ice coffee at a super cute cafe in a street I've never been in.
Seriously, if you're planning on going to Copenhagen, you should definitely try to walk around all the little streets.
They are super charming and on every corner you can find a nice café.

getting back to longboarding

Oh how happy I was when I got to borrow a longboard from a friend..! He didn't need it right now, because he has 2 more laying at home. When I finally got the time, I took out my board to ride past the beach.
It was THE BEST feeling, and I ended up riding my longboard for 2,5-3 hours!
Thank you Christian for letting me borrowing your longboard!

coconut milk obsession

Yes! You read it right,, another obsession has occurred!
And luckily this is a 'cheap' one. I don't know why, but for some reason I've never tried eating coconut milk straight from the can, or whisking it up to use it as milk for a fruit cereal. Well, LET ME TELL YOU; it is AMAZING!
So this past week I've been eating a can of coconut milk every single day. You can call me crazy, but you should try it for yourself first(;

working 54 hours

Not the best picture, but the bags under my eyes say enough..
Last week was; tiring..! I mean, don't get me wrong! Everybody has to work a lot of hours every now and then, but I feel like 54 hours is a little too much for me. Luckily we survived this week, and I can enjoy today (monday) as my free day!
Hope you enjoyed reading about my week again, and let's make this week even better than the last one!


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