manon's weekly diary #6

22/6 till 28/6
Happy Monday guys! Last week I ran the hardest kilometers of my life, was a lot on the beach and ate my favorite vegan magnum after a looonngg time.
Are you watching and reading with me to see my highlights of last week?

the hardest 9 km of my life!

Note to self; don't ever go for a long run straight after leg again..!
Wow,, this was just the hardest run I've did ever!
Not that I was super tired, but more that my legs were just SO sore that the first 5 km felt like hell.
After I ran the 5 km (with sometimes a little break) it was going much better, because my legs were nice warmed up.
When I was done with the run, I was just SO proud that I ran 9 km!! Never did this in my life, but it feels so good!!

Sankt hans

The meaning of the summer solstice has varied through time: the Viking visited water wells and held bonfires to ward off evil spirits.
The bonfire tradition continues to this day. In the 1920’s, people began affixing a straw witch to the top of the fire as a way to remember the witch burning of the 16th and 17th centuries. The story goes: when the witch is burnt, she flies to Bloksbjerg, Germany, where a witch-gathering was believed to be held.

So, now you know what 'Sankt Hans' means,, I can update you about my evening (;
Due to corona we didn't had a bonfire, but after work I was going to join some friends at the beach for a few hours to see the sunset.
It was so beautiful!

Having friends who lift you up

After I came home the other day, I felt so overwhelmed by the fact that I have to work so much these 2 weeks,, and I felt like I didn't had time for anything else than work.
Luckily was Freja there to lift up my mood and so we went to the beach for an evening walk and she bought me an ice cream. Isn't she the sweetest..?!

Starting my intermitted fasting journey

Let's just address the elephant in the room here; Intermittent fasting.
By now you might probably know that I like to challenge myself with 'new' things, just to see if I feel better, or I might experience some benefits from it. So this time, after reading thousands of blogs, reading a lot of books, listening to podcasts and watching youtube video's I thought I would give it a go.
I started on Saturday the 27th of June, and I'm gonna try this first for about 2 weeks.
I will make an other blog post about it, so you can keep up with me.

Beachy afternoon

Saturday I was off at 4pm and what better way to end your working day than with a chill afternoon on the beach.
Did some swimming, and sleeping (I always fall asleep at the beach) and I LOVED it!

I wish everyone a wonderful new week!


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