manon's weekly diary

15-6 till 21-6

Finished an 8 km run, ate the best healthy vegan ice cream, went finally back to the gym and had the best evening on Copenhagen picture festival!
Read and watch with me to my favorite moments of last week!

Running 8 Km

While having a hangover I still managed to run 8km!! I know,, I was really surprised and proud of myself as well..!
The run went actually really easy, maybe that's because I'm running in a really slow pace,, but still!
Let's see if 9 km is gonna be 'easy' as well.

red beet waffle and ice cream for lunch

When you're ever in Copenhagen,, go to HeyLo !!! MyGosh.. this was the best and most delicious lunch ever!!
It is super healthy, but it feels like you're eating junk food. Isn't that something what we all want?
We had the red beet waffle with hummus and falafel and berry-pitaya ice cream.

walking 25 km

Going for a walk might be one of my favorite things to do when I have time off.
This time, I was going for a walk with a friend, first along the beach, and we ended up going to the city.
After being out for the whole day and coming home with sore feet, I was actually kinda chocked over the fact that we walked that long..!
It was the perfect day!

quality/snack night

After walking for this long we definitely deserved a nice snack!
And honestly, what is a better way to end your day than with a cozy night, good company and some good snacks.

copenhagen picture festival

Copenhagen picture festival,, never heard from it before Freja asked me to go there.
I didn't really know what to expect from it, but it was such a cozy evening.
We had some really good burgers and cocktails, and honestly it felt like a real night out for the first time in so long!

getting back to the gym

FINALLY..! Waited so long to get back to the gym, and although I had some hesitation about going because of corona I went anyway. The gym was SO clean, and there weren't almost any people which was awesome. I missed my squat reck, but not the muscle soreness I still have.. ;p

I wish everyone a wonderfull new week!

Love, Manon

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