Manon's week diary #4

8-6-'20 til 14-6-'20

Did an 'easy' 7km run, drinking the first cocktails back on the terrace, exploring new places and spoiling myself with some new jewellery. Are you reading and looking with me to my most favourite moments of this week? Let's go!

Running 7 km

There I go, starting this week my new 'challenge'; trying to get every week 1 km further with running.
This week it is 7 km, and it was going soooo much easier than expected!! After running a little bit more then half an hour I looked how far I got, and I almost had the 7 km already! How crazy, that if you put your mind into something, you can easily do it!
Looking forward to see the 8 km!

exploring new places

Because of I'm pretty 'new' into the place I'm living, I love to go out and explore the area I'm living in. The other day I found this BEAUTIFUL spot nearby the place I'm living. You can look out over the sea, and on the other side over the city!

finding 'new' places to eat

There were actually quite a few places I tried last week, but on Monday, me and a friend were making it our priority to find some good new spots! And I can defenitely say that we did! We ate the best pokébowl and drink an ice coffee here at the lakes. What a beautiful view!

Treating myself

After more than 3 months of thinking about buying these, I finally did it. I never really buy jewellery for myself, but I feel like if you can't stop thinking about somethings like this, and you really want it, you can definetly treat yourself from time to time. Also, now I can't stop looking at my hands.. HAHA

cozy evenings on the terrace

The terraces went open, and we of course had to make advantage out of that situation ;p
I actually feel like it's a good thing that the terraces are closing at around 12, because the next day I will be all fresh again, while I still had an awesome night out.

swimming at labanchina

I hear you asking; what is labanchina..? well, it's a MUST VISIT when you're in copenhagen. It is located nearby the most cosy street food place, and labanchina is a italian cafe. I went there with a friend for a mid-day swim and ended up eating some food at the street food place.

All you can eat pizza and cocktails

So, let me clarify...; these past couple of months I haven't been drinking. But if you say; all you can drink cocktails... I will not say no.
I went with my friend from work to this AWESOME place where you can eat and drink as much as you want for a really good price! And it was 2 of my favorite things; pizza and cocktails. We had THE BEST evening!

Hope you also had an awesome week!


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