Manon's Week diary #3

1-6-'20 till 7-6-'20

From playing volleyball in the heat, to creating new recipes.
You can see my most favourite moments of this week again in this blog. Are you reading with me?

Beach volleyball on Amager Strand

Playing some beach volleyball? HELL YES! Didn't play volleyball in such a long time, and to be honest,,
everything on the beach is more fun. So I was super excited to play, and of course we won (;
P.s. ALWAYS wear sunscreen while playing volleyball on the beach! After the whole day in the sun, my back and but were as red as a lobster... whoopss..

delicious ice cream

Freja (again, she's the cutest) came home with some new vegan ice creams to try from the supermarket, and they were the BEST! So creamy!
These, she bought in Lidl and are from the brand 'gelatelli', definitley worth checking out!!

Swimming to the other side of the beach

So,, somebody decided to challenge me..? I except!
I swam back and forth within half an hour,, not bad for a 'not swimmer' huh?

creating new recipes

Snacking addiction is real!

These past couple of weeks I've been trying to not eat that big of a meals 3 times a day as I find myself REALLY tired and sometimes nauseous after a big meal.
This means that I'm trying to eat around 5 small portions a day. Well, this escalated quickly,, because what should be like 5 small portions is now around 5 BIG meals. I also think I gained some weight these past couple of week, just because I can't stop myself. (read also; can't stop eating the coconut caramel crunch bars).
I really try to be more mindfull right now of what I'm eating and of how much per portion, but there is still some work to do.

Having a day all to myself

As I feel like my life exist of just work lately, it was SO nice to have a day off and enjoy doing absolutely nothing!
Now I had time to fully enjoy my workout, going for a walk and cook some nice food.

Hope your week was filled with good things as well!


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