Manon's week diary #2

25-5-'20 till 31-5-'20

Last week I also had a long weekend which I enjoyed in the BEST way possible. I also was swimming in freezing cold water, found out my love for chia-pudding and had some cozy times with friends.
Here I share with pictures my most favorite moments of the past week. Are you reading along?

obsession over chia-pudding

I really found my love for chia-pudding. I actually always already did put it in my yoghurt for breakfast, and did try sometimes to make chia-pudding, but never really found it too interesting. BUT NOW..! I tried making it with cacao powder or vanilla powder, and it seriously brought it to a next level! I got SO happy when I found out how to make it delicious, because chia seeds have THE BEST benefits!
*! warning ! here's coming the nutrition nerd in me;*
They deliver the highest amount of nutrients, are loaded with antioxidants, high in fiber, omega-3 and protein, and that are only a few of the benefits..!
So as you can already guess, I was eating it this week everyday with my breakfast or as a snack.

Morning swim

Since living close to the beach, I've been seeing so many people already taking a dip in the ocean.
Wednesday, when I had my day off, it was my turn!
I felt already for so long that I wanted to do it, but I live in denmark... that means that the water is FREEZING!!
I actually didn't really plan to take a swim, aka; I was swimming in my underwear,, but after my workout and meditation on the beach I felt like I really wanted to do it, so I did.
It was actually that good, that I went for a swim again on saturday and sunday..! I feel so grateful for living next to the beach and being able to go outside and move my body every day!

coffee date

Oh good old coffee dates.. How I missed it, and how happy I am now to be able to meet up again at cafés!
Normally I would have chosen a caffe latte with oatmilk, but they had these new thing on the menu with matcha, and I LOVE me some good matcha!
After these crazy times I feel like we deserve to treat ourselves more than ever, am I right? ;p
It was good to catch up again with with one of my best friends after a long time not seeing her.

Dinner and wine on the beach

Isn't my roomie the cutest!? On friday we decided to take our dinner and a bottle of rosé to the beach.
It's about the small things that make me so happy, and so grateful for the people I have around me!

Summer officially started

You almost can't make me happier than with a day on the beach, and how happy I was then as well to finally be able to be there the WHOLE day and feeling like I'm on holiday in Spain. Luckily it wasn't too crowded Sunday, and was it responsible enough to lay on the beach. Feet in the sand, suncream on and start tanning! There it is where it went a little wrong.. at the end of the day I found out that my back and butt were as red as a lobster... whoopss.. next time I maybe have to use factor 50..?

I wish everyone a lovely new week!


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